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Wednesday 9 March 2011

Dream Dress: Joy

Seeing as Oasis has decided that this season, we all want to look like a dowdy version of Sienna Miller circa 2003, I've had to find a new favourite shop. Thankfully Joy has come up with some crackers in its new range. I find them a bit hit and miss, but their current dresses have me pawing at their windows.

The print on this floral watercolour dress looks a little washed-out online, but in the flesh it's bright and arty without looking like someone's used you as a canvas. The nipped-in waist and knee-length skirt makes for a super-flattering cut. It'll be perfect for picnics, and surely it'll be warm enough for al-fresco dining soon? Surely? It's £55.

Those aren't polka-dots, they're even better: tiny velvet hearts. I'm not sick of Peter Pan collars yet, especially when they're velvet too. I'm convinced that one day I'll wear a dress like this and look exactly like Alexa Chung. Perhaps this £45 dress will make it happen.

Love this striking print, with those eye-catching splashes of red. This dress is £45.

If those aren't enough of an incentive to dust off your credit card, they're giving away this rather lovely floral dress if you spend over £75. My advice is to find your local store to get a better impression of the prints and sizes, and get some Joy in your life.


  1. I really fell in love with the first dress this weekend (but it had already sold out in my size in the Greenwich branch). It's lovely, but much more of a t-shirt material than it looks in the pic. Still lovely, but not for dressing up.

  2. Mmm, you're right. I think that makes me like it more - I have lots of dressing-up dresses, but not enough day dresses.

  3. Also worth mentioning just how goshdarnpretty the flagship store in Greenwich is. Used to be a public baths, and the changing rooms are in fact the old changing rooms and the floor still has the original (if slightly in need to doing up) tiling.

    Fashion and history FACTS in your face.

  4. Siany, Joy has 13 stores in London and a website, so I'm sure you'll be able to find your size. Close stores to Greenwich are Brixton, Bankside (behind the Tate Modern,and the flagship store) and Paternoster, near St Paul's Catherdral. Hope you have some luck!


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