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Wednesday 9 March 2011

Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries

The Kitchen Diaries probably isn't a secret to a lot of you. But for those of you who (like me) have gaps in your Nigel Slater cookery book collection, this book should be places firmly at the top of your 'to buy' list.

This book makes me excited about food. All of Nigel Slater's books make me excited about food. But this one goes that step further. This one makes me want to go apple picking, pop to my local butchers, go fishing even. I found this book in Peters Tower when I was staying there last month and sat and read it from cover to cover while drinking bubbly.

The book starts at January 1st and is a unique journey through Slater's foodie life. A little bit inaccessible in places (sometimes instead of having partridge for lunch, I have leftover Chinese food), but Slater taps into moods and seasons better than anyone. His recipes inspire for the perfect time of year and that's why this book works so well. It doesn't matter what time of year you buy this book - just flick to the right month and everything in season will be there, with excellent recipes waiting for you to try. With ingredients that are easy to find. It's not a straightforward recipe book, there are stories and little ideas. And of course, amazing photography.

These days, I still get most of my recipes online, but Nigel Slater's books always inspire me. They're the ones that I read from cover to cover, curled up in bed with a cup of tea and The Kitchen Diaries is perfect for sleepy reading. If you haven't read this book, do. It's £15.95 in hardback over on Amazon.


  1. I love this, as it's a cook book you can happily just sit and read even when you're not planning dinner. Definitely worth investing in.

  2. I think I've cooked more from this book than I have from almost anything in my collection. Every single margin is littered with notes - I love it!

  3. It's such a simple concept (actually, all of Nigel's books are). It's cold and rainy, let's make something to combat that!

    And then you look outside and it's cold and rainy and you follow his every foodie whim. Clever.


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