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Friday 11 March 2011

Michael Siney Acero Clock

We've stopped buying clocks, haven't we? I don't even wear a watch anymore. Instead we use the little clock on our computer screen. We look at our mobile phone. We don't have clocks anywhere (the one on the oven doesn't count, it's always the wrong time).

So while everyone else is going all digital, I'm all over this metal 'Acero' Michael Siney clock. Absolutely not my usual style, I'll grant you that. But I'm 'redoing' my office soon (this means clearing the junk off the desk in my bedroom and throwing a lick of paint at it) and it might just work. It's made from a single piece of laser cut metal, and I love the little pendulum detail (left, right, left, right, oooh lunchtime) and the bright orange looks fab. It comes with blue hands too, but this one is more eye-catching.

It's £65, but at least it tells the right time. Unlike the blinking oven clock in your kitchen.


  1. Have people really stopped buying and using clocks? It's very sad if that's true.

    Maybe I am an anomaly, but I couldn't live without a watch (it hardly comes off), let alone a clock in most rooms. I do take note of the clock on my computer screen, but would rather check my watch or a 'proper' clock than the time on my mobile.

  2. I honestly don't think we have a working one in Sluttery HQ.

  3. Clockless here. Didn't have one in my last flat - flatmate couldn't stand ticking. So that's 6 years no clock.

    No clock in the office, and because I work in a hospital, no watch.

    It's a wonder I'm not late all the......oh.

  4. I definitely haven't stopped buying clocks/watches - in fact I bought one of these (in silver) last weekend.

    NB It is considerably prettier in real life than in that suprisingly ugle photograph


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