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Thursday 24 March 2011

Shop in the spotlight: Lucie Ellen

Right now, I can’t get enough of Lucie Ellen’s cute wooden jewellery at All Things Original. Made from reclaimed wood (hello, environment points!) they are based on everything old-fashioned and lovely.

I’m unashamedly enamoured by this sewing machine necklace. So what if I can’t sew for toffee - this is the next best thing, right? It’s £11.

I’m in danger of sounding overly engrossed in my bunting obsession, but look at this beauty! I could wear it and feel like I’m at a village fete all day. £14 well spent.

This Time for Tea necklace is my all time favourite piece from this shop. I’ve loved tea sets since the days when I made my brother’s action men sit through endless tea parties (I was a strange child). Teapot, teacup and milk jug – but no sugar bowl. Presumably because the wearer will look sweet enough. It’s £14.

First class postage for only £1 per piece means I won’t have long to wait to get my paws on these.

This was a post from our trainee Domestic Slut Laura Vickers.

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  1. I posted about Lucie Ellen's etsy shop a while ago - such lovely stuff!


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