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Friday 25 March 2011

Frankie Say Relax with Cute Cushions

Brighton-based designer LoveFrankie ticks all the boxes for me: kitsch, friendly homeware in original designs at prices firmly below the sky-high limits you might expect.

Take their cushions, for example. This limited edition Leopard Cushion really ticks my boxes. It’s a leopard gaily jumping through a cloud. What’s not to love? Plus the pink clouds and lollipop-tree things make this like one giant drug trip made into a cushion. It’s £25 and shipping varies depending on where you’re sending it (though it was actually free when I ordered it to my cottage in North Herts.)

And look at this Senior Burrito cushion. I’m in love with the silliness. Flowery, giddy-looking mules in a rainbow of colours to put a smile on your face even after an ass of a day. An ass of a day? See what I did there? Ahem. It’s only £18.

This was a guest post by our trainee Domestic Slut Laura Vickers. She's got the best cushions for watching scary films behind.


  1. I love the donkey cushion! I know we're all meant to be independent ladies and what not but this would look great in a kids area, much better than all the assanine* fairy prints out there.

    *See what I did ;)

  2. ^ Much appreciation there. Ass-based jokes are where it's at.
    And yes, much as I'm definitely immature enough to love it without kids, I know my niece would adore the bright colours too! :)

  3. Absolutely love these cushions! I want I want I want.


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