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Thursday 24 March 2011

Jessica Ogden for ASOS

Even though I'm 30, there are times when I look in the mirror and realise I've dressed like my inner 3 year old. While quite not in the realm of Disney shoes, I've a weakness for clompy sandals, coloured tights and playsuits. While they'd work well in the playground, my clothes get some strange looks on the gray-suit clad 7.58 to Victoria each morning. I've a feeling it's my inner 3 year old who looked at the Jessica Ogden collection for ASOS and fell in love. Thankfully they're definitely clothes that would suit your most stylish grown-up playdate.

My 3 year old self would have loved the combination of the red colour, ruffle and beaded bow motif on this Bow top and my aged 30 self would have to agree (in fact I may have just clicked through and bought it). Not so kiddie prices, though, as its priced at £50. I also really want that skirt that's shown with it in the picture and which doesn't seem to be for sale. I'll just have to content myself with this pretty black number:

This Scallop skirt, also costing £50, would be great for your best summer parties. It's made from a cotton and linen so will keep you cool on picnics, holidays, dare I even say your commute to work?

It's only fitting that such a playful collection includes a playsuit. I like the bow on this one but the white - hum, perhaps making me think a little too much about towelling and nappies. That's a childhood look I don't want to reminisce over. Think you can pull it off? It's £55.

This strap stripe dress was definitely not designed for someone as bosomy as me. But it doesn't stop me wanting it. Pull it on and then forget about it, it's the perfect Summer weekend dress. It's also £55.

It wasn't until I'd bought the top that I realised there was also a serious side to the collection. It's part of ASOS's Green Collection. All the items in the Jessica Ogden collection are made by the SOKO workshop (you can read more about it here) and £5 of each sale goes to them too. So, an interesting initiative coupled with some fab clothes: looks pretty good to me. And though not too socially aware at that age, my inner three year old would be sure to agree.


  1. I don't think I could carry off a playsuit - what sort of shape girls look good in them, would you say?

    I love the first top - a little out of my budget at the moment, but can always keep fingers crossed for the sale!

  2. Man, I wish I looked good in playsuits. Unfortunately, as a size 16 lady, whenever I try and put one on, I always look like a hippo wrapped in clingfilm.

  3. Fantastic, just as I was wondering what to spend my Groupon Asos voucher on! Love the jersey top that goes with that skirt too.

  4. I just wish the scallop skirt and matching black bow top existed as a dress version!


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