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Friday 25 March 2011

A String of Light

Graham & Green have got some great new products this spring, but these light balls are my favourite. Usually their string lights are flowery, but I've spotted these bauble lights and they're pretty fabulous.

These large baubles are in all sorts of springy colours, and their are 35 balls perfect for draping on stairs and shelves. These are £34.95. There are some smaller strings too.

There's ten smaller balls in this string (they're £15). Really want to put them altogether and turn my living room into a little bit of a circus tent.


  1. Oh my goodness, WANT! They would look lovely among my various bits of china atop our kitchen cabinets.

  2. Think I quite fancy some balls to hang on my bedposts.

  3. I have a long string of them plonked into a large cylinder vase. They make a fantastic table lamp!

  4. You can also buy these in France, in La Case de Cousin Paul and in department stores.


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