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Friday 11 March 2011

The Literary Gift Company Scrabble Cushions

I adore words and word games. In my dream house, I would have endless gin-fuelled tournaments of Snatch It and Scrabble, and bookcases all over the walls, rather than my current situation of two cases and a window sill where unsteady book piles are slowly blocking out daylight.

So, obviously I would have a thousand and one of these gorgeous Scrabble cushions.

Pick one letter, pick 12 – I could spell out my favourite words, friends, my places or my boyfriend’s name as a sop to him. Sadly, being a man who hates both cushions and Scrabble (I know!) he would take no joy from this competitively-comfortable dream house, but on the bright side, that would leave me even more space to fill up with cushions.

Made from organic cotton, these little lovelies cost £19.99 each from my new favourite shop, the The Literary Gift Company (expect to hear a lot more from here) and you can pick any letter you like: “Sorry, no blanks available!” P&P is free if you spend more than £30 which is practically an invitation to buy two and spell out your initials!


  1. I adore these! If my hubby didn't hate cushions, I would have these spelling out names out on the sofas.

  2. What is it with men hating cushions?! Mine's the same! Although he makes up for that by loving Scrabble so hard it's inappropriate.

  3. I had to buy mine and my fiance's letters for new house, I love em! And he's grown to as well!


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