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Tuesday 22 March 2011

Tea Towel Tuesday: Anthropologie Parrots

While we might not be over the whole bird thing yet, it has at least moved on to something a bit more exotic. Forget robins. Now everyone wants parrots! I think I like parrots right now even more than I like flamingos. Although really, I want a bird that talks to me as he stands on one leg. Evolution just isn't going to give me that little gem, is it?

So I'll make do with normal parrots. Embroidered ones, in the case of this Anthropologie parrot tea towel. Which is an STAGGERING £20. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty, and I'm always willing to pay that bit more for embroidery, a lot of work goes into those designs. But seriously Anthropolgie, it's just a tea towel.

Admittedly a very very pretty one. I do like this parrot motif, it makes for bright colours in the kitchen and a sudden urge to do parrot impressions while the kettle is boiling.

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  1. I HEART ANTHROPOLOGIE!! but I saw an owl canister and it was like €140!! I was like ok I love you guys but thats craziness


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