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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Robot refreshment: Hugo the tea ball

If you share the Domestic Slut's love of both robots and tea, there's a little fellow you need to meet. Ideally this would be a robot who could make and bring tea on your command but, failing that, this is a pretty good second. His name is Hugo and he is a robot. He's only 6cm high. He is also a tea ball, designed to help infuse your favourite teas.

Fill Hugo up with your favourite loose tea, pop into your chosen mug (those long arms can cope with clinging onto the rim), then immerse in boiling water. I spotted him over on Quaint Living where he was helping Alice with a nice cup of Sencha. Cuteness combined with a tasty cuppa: I like. Even better is that he costs just £4.08 from Nothing but Tea.


  1. Ah look at his little face!!
    Good find!!

  2. My name is Sarah and I'm a robotoholic. I must have him...he'd go with my robot prints, necklace, cards, chocolates...


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