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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Dream Dress: Ochre Maxi Dress

I've been flitting back and forth with this maxi dress for weeks now. Maybe it just didn't scream 'buy me!' when it was -3 degrees outside. But now the days are longer, I can see this little number looking really pretty. Ochre isn't an easy colour to pull off, but that shape is really sexy. Just check out the video on the site to see how amazing the model's ass figure looks.

The downside to this post? I faffed about trying to make up my mind about it, it's only left in a size ten on the Miss Selfridge website. The upside? You'll probably still find it in the shops, and if you do find your size, you'll pay £35 instead of £65.


  1. Beautiful! Am always cautious about yellows 'cause of my blonde hair and fair skin but it's a gorgeous colour. I just checked the website they seem to have in an 8 and a 16 as well, AND they've cut it to £35!! EXTREMELY tempted.

  2. Ooh do they? I wonder if they had some returns? Snap it up!

  3. With the blonde hair fair skin worry, I have the same colouring and one of my favourite dresses is yellow. I think a darker yellow like this works- anything too pale washes you out.

  4. Whilst looking at that one, I found this one ...
    I would love this!

  5. I just bought this dress today for my leaver's ball in July.

    It's an absolutely gorgeous fit, even for me and i'm pretty column like. Still unsure about the colour though, I'm brunette which is probably an okay suit for it but still unsure.

    im considering dying it black!

  6. ^^^ OH AND IT WAS £20!!!


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