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Monday 21 March 2011

Shop in the Spotlight: Long Tall Sally

Yes, even I have to do a double take at that title. Long Tall Sally? Despite the last time I bought a really nice piece from there being 2005, I keep plodding through Long Tall Sally's catalogue with the sort of bright optimism ordinarily only encountered in Mother Abbesses charged with errant singing nuns. One day, good will come out of that catalogue, and I will be clothed in proper-length cardigans and knee-length frocks that don't look like I've stolen them off a primary schooler.

Friends! That time has COME! In fact, it might explain Oasis's current fashion slump given the fact its chief buyer, Jane Woolf, has moved over to LTS. Bad for Oasis, but resulting in some stars for Long Tall Sally.

Forgive me for focusing on the frocks, but if I included everything I loved from the new range, this post would be 10 miles long and I may as well just point you in the direction of the website. In the meantime...

Long sleeve jersey dress (aka, blatantly the Kate Middleton dress), £45

Hands down my favourite out of the lot. It hangs really nicely and I love that waterfall drop at the front. Very, very chic. Sod's law they've already sold out of small and medium, but the other sizes are all good to go and they're restocking soon.

Exposed zip shift dress, £65 (also available in kingfisher blue)

I love, love, LOVE the waist on this dress. Just like on the floral print dress at the top, that baby's going to cinch you in beautifully.

Tiered body con dress, £85

Fauxland Mouret for tall girls? Need I say more? Actually, this dress is a godsend for anyone who finds most body con dresses too mini. It comes above the knee, so those of you without 36" pins can enjoy a few extra inches.

Phew. I'm knackered. I've been restraining myself from touching my credit card all weekend and it's just too hard. What do you think ladies? Is this a turning point for LTS?


  1. Wow! I'm impressed. A couple of these would look very nice in my spring work wardrobe!

  2. Lovely to see a "tall" shop in the spotlight - thanks for this. I would really appreciate your opinions on other tall ranges (if you have the time or the inclination). I love LTS this season and I have been buying their full length winter coats for years - I'm 5'11" and they're ankle length!
    I did however, buy the "kate" dress - I sent it back as it wasn't right for me - almost too comfortable! The ruffly front isn't "finished" with a seam and it makes it look a bit less slick.

  3. THAT explains the rubbish Oasis slump. Still, it's about time tall lasses got some nice dresses. I've always been impressed with what Long Tall Sally try and do, but this is the best range I've seen them do.

  4. Completely agree with Sian - LTS goes through peaks and troughs like a game of Tiny Wings. The last time they were this good was 2005-2006 when they had the Tall Zone section. Boutique has never really done "young" as effectively, so it's good to see some seriously yummy clothes in the main range which to my mind has never been worth the frankly outrageous sums it's often asked for.

    @Redmagda - Glad you enjoyed it! I am HUGELY jealous of you scoring the Kate dress, shame about the finish. I like the way they accessorise it in the catalogue with that pretty necklace though.

    I've been asked a few times about tall ranges and shoes so it's definitely worth thinking about doing a "tall" round-up post. I'll certainly keep posting tall (and non-tall) clothing/shoe posts as they come.

  5. Oh my goodness! I haven't bought any LTS in a long while now as it had got a bit... dowdy? for the amount charged - I'd written them off a bit. But I'm going to be back in there now next chance I get! Cardi's with sleeves long enough are such a dream, can't wait to get something that fits and looks nice! And a dress with the waist in the right place! Eeeee!!!
    (I've taken to buying long skirts in petit ranges to get a knee length skirt, would be so nice to just get one that fits. Happy thoughts...)


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