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Thursday 20 December 2012

2013 year planners (in case the world doesn't end tomorrow)

Yes, I do know the world is meant to end tomorrow. But for various reasons, including the fact I don't want to spend my last day of existence on the slow train between Doncaster and Cleethorpes, I'm choosing to believe that it won't. And with that kind of optimism, I'm merrily skipping over the fact that Christmas hasn't even happened yet to tell you to get yourself in gear and buy your 2013 year planner.

You see I like planning, I like spreadsheets, I like seeing the whole year laid out clean in front of me, ready to be filled in with fun stuff (more fun in my book than filling yourself with stuffing) and I'd like to encourage you all to join me on this adventure. Look at the beautiful year planner from Lollipop shown above. It shows a year waiting to be given pretty things to do. And it's only £12.50, therefore only £1.042 a month, approximately. Bargain!

Clever Bold and Noble have obviously crept into my living room, noticed that it's a lovely combination of yellow with grey accents and decided to design this wall calendar just for me and my year planning ways. Aw, thanks. It's a clever design that can be adapted for any year so I can happily keep buying them until I decide to repaint my room red and blue (because there's a version in that colour scheme too obviously). This is £27.

Another contender in the red and blue stakes is Crispin Finn's latest design. In fact, all their designs: they only design in red, white and blue. You may remember I wrote about them in last year's round up of calendars. The 2013 model is every bit as appealing and only £12.

I can't write about any sort of stationery without mentioning Present & Correct. That's because they are perpetually ace. Their letterpress card planner is smaller than the other designs here but it's every bit as mighty. It's inspired by index cards, with space on the back of each card to write extra notes, ideas and resolutions. It's yours for £18.50, including the oh-so-useful bit of wood pictured. (Not the shelf. The other bit of wood.)

The trend for star-gazing seems to be going strong. This planner by Kerry Hyndman from Evermade is decorated with some cool constellations. For £12.50, not only will your days be meticulously planned but your night time fun will be increased 365 fold too. While it might help bring out your inner mystic meg or encourage some more Mayan-style prophecies, somewhat predictably I already love it.

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