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Monday 10 December 2012

Fiiiiiiiiive Goooooold Rings!

The best line in The 12 Days of Christmas is without a doubt 'Fiiiiiiiiive Gooooooold Rings!' You could be mumbling the rest, your heart totally not in it and then you'll belt out that line louder than anything else. Here are five gorgeous gold rings, just to get you in the spirit.

Not a partridge in a pear tree, but a sparrow perched on your ring finger instead. This gold sparrow ring is £65 from Jana Reinhardt at Jewel Street.

Friendship jewellery is making a bit of a comeback (I expect to see mood rings in Tiffany any day now). You'll either love or hate the revival, but I can't resist this adorable pair of diamond heart friendship rings. You'd have to really like your friend, though - this set is £310 from Liberty. Still, it's two rings for the price of one.

Ooooh, hello adorable mouse. What's in the teacup? If you weren't lucky enough to win the gorgeous Alex Monroe necklace that we gave away last week, maybe hope that Santa brings you this gold teacup ring. It's £150 direct from Alex Monroe's online boutique. I also wouldn't say no to this MASSIVE aquamarine ring. Thanks in advance, mega rich present-buyers.

I'm going to stop spending your rent money now. This glitzy armour ring is only £12.50 from Miss Selfridge. I like that it's dainty, but totally over the top at the same time.

These paint can rings are my favourite. Just pick your favourite colour. They're £25 from The Saatchi Gallery shop. You should absolutely make like a Farrow & Ball fangirl and wear all five at once.


  1. Dammit I now really want to watch my Eddie Izzard box set tonight but sadly my house is full of moth killing poison so that is not an option. I also love the sparrow ring. Top picks as always.

  2. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD the paint can rings! I adore them!



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