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Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Iconic Cake Company

There's a Christmas bake off happening in Sluttery HQ today. I'm going up against the awesome IdeasTap chaps (with Alex E's mulled wine chocolate cake, decorated with festive chocolate dinosaurs, obviously) and the cake trash talk has already started.

Yes. Cake trash talk.

I wish I'd learnt about The Iconic Cake Company before today. Because then I'd be making the most fabulous biscuit cakes. I might not be all that impressed with Heston (yes love, it's a giant packet of crisps, you didn't need an hour of my telly time for that), but I would absolutely love a giant Jammy Dodger cake.

The moulds are silicon so they can go in the microwave, the freezer and the oven and they're all £19.99. Just pick your favourite biscuit and get your Heston hat on. (Or, make like Laura B and give her giant Jaffa Cake a bash instead).

Custard cream cake! Some please, please make this for our next edition of Just Desserts. It goes perfectly with the fighting for custardy theme.

OK, twenty quid for a ring mould is a bit of a swizz. But you can bet your ass I'm using this as party ring cake decorating inspiration.

This bourbon biscuit mould is clearly the best of the lot. It'll make the best chocolate cake ever. The best thing is that you probably won't have any cake tins this shape, you're just going to have to eat the necessary amount. For storage purposes.

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