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Wednesday 19 December 2012

The Lyric Book Company

The idea behind The Lyric Book Company is simple. They've collected the complete lyrics of some of the finest songwriters over the last 50 years and turned them into gorgeous little pocket books.

Remember when you'd get excited about a CD insert and read all of the lyrics to your favourite songs? This was probably when you discovered K.D Lang wasn't singing about gravy (to my knowledge, she has no strong feelings toward any particular sauce or condiment).

Now we just look up lyrics online, and that's not nearly as much fun (and they're often wrong). The Lyric Book Company produce such beautiful books that they're actually like little books of poetry.

I particularly love Neil Hannon's words about his book: "So there you are, the stuff in my brain, chopped up and rhymed. Enjoy." There's a strong connection with the songwriters and these editions and it's rather splendid.

Each book is just £10 and an absolute treat for the music-lover in your life. They're stocking-sized and honestly much more fun to sing along to than carols. Bugger decking the halls, get your Divine Comedy on instead.


  1. What a lovely idea. This is bound to come in useful for future present buying.

    1. I thought you'd like these! I'm very sad that there's no Meatloaf lyric book. He had some classics.


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