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Friday 14 December 2012

Sluttery Sales Spy: Warehouse, Aldo & ASOS

Hello, happy shoppers! Here I am again, rounding up the sales to the nearest decimal bargain. Well, the prices are rounded down. It's just me doing the rounding-up. Gratitudinal gifts of campervans and Jaffa Cakes most welcomely accepted.


Pulse suede platforms, £27.50 (was £55), ASOS

STAR BUY! ASOS has a 50% off footwear thing going on! I KNOW. Christmas really has come early. These coral suede platforms, with metal cut-out details on the heel, have been on my Shoe Radar for quite some time. I've been waiting patiently in the wings of the internet, binoculars and clipboard in hand, waiting to pounce as soon as they hit the sale. I am the David Attenborough of shoe shopping, if you like, except I don't wear a blue shirt for continuity.

Tia ankle boots, £59 (was £120), KG by Kurt Geiger

BEST OF THE REST: YEE-HAW! I was having a nosey on Kurt Geiger to find you lot another pair of bargainous heels, but instead I got wildly sidetracked by these Tia suede ankle boots. I love the star detailing on the toe. Festive and warm. And patriotic, if you're an American, or some other nationality who had the foresight to put stars on their flag.

Cinnamon knee-high boots in maroon, £42.50 (was £85), ASOS

Oh hai, lovely leather boots. OH HAI, HALF PRICE! I am a big fan of this burgundy leather, which will go with virtually anything. They also come in black for the slightly more expensive price of £51. Either colourway is an absolute bargain for good quality leather boots. BUY NOW or forever hold your regret.


French Connection Shelby pleat dress, £52.50 (was £130), ASOS

STAR BUY! This French Connection Shelby pleat dress is described as being black and henry brown. WHO IS THIS HENRY BROWN? He's no relative of mine.

Perhaps Kat knows him.

Nice dress, mind.

Jewel shoulder wrap dress, £45 (was £75),  Warehouse

BEST OF THE REST: I'm sensing elements of my heroine, Hilary Devey, in this jewel shoulder wrap dress from Warehouse. That is a strong shoulder if ever I saw one. Maybe a statement shoulder. A trophy shoulder, even. Gosh.

Yumi cat print dress, £30 (was £38), House of Fraser

This week has mainly been about cats for me. Monday started with crazy cat lady crafting, then I made potato catkes (OH ALL RIGHT, latkes. Nothing to do with cats. Unless... NO.) and now here I am showing you this Yumi cat print dress. It also comes in a lovely coffee colour. Yummy Yumi.


Animal print leather bag, £60 (was £86), Warehouse

STAR BUY! I appear to be hell-bent on getting leopard print into every Sluttery Sales Spy. This Warehouse bag says it's a holdall, but it isn't (and see below for more wildly-exaggerated handbag volume claims). What it is is a roomy handbag that straddles the smart-casual divide. Well done, that bag. 

Leather and canvas clutch, £29 (was £65), ASOS

BEST OF THE REST: I stared at this for ages last night, thinking the purple bits on this ASOS clutch were a reflection on patent leather. In the cold light of morning I see that it is a purple splodge. Look - I'm a bit of a divvy. I can't help it. Anyway, it's really nice and really big and I really want it. 

Forstner bag, £27.99 (was £50), Aldo

The blurb on the Aldo website says that the Forstner "is a large shoulder bag with more than enough room for anything you can imagine taking with you". Obviously, as a person of somewhat fecund imagination, this claim made me break out in Trades Description Hives. So I put it to the test. So far, I've managed to fit the following into the bag:

  • A lighthouse
  • A peanut butter Chunky KitKat
  • Waitrose
  • Hilary Devey
  • Tent pegs
  • Emergency tights
  • A hammer
So, it turns out Aldo was correct. Sorry for doubting.


  1. LAURA I LOVE YOU AND I WANT ALL THE THINGS! Especially the cat dress. And the bag filled with Hilary Devey.

  2. I look forward to these round ups all week. So funny and with lovely wanty things too. Clare x


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