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Monday 3 December 2012

Top Ten Bacon Recipes

The Domestic Sluttery are probably around 77% bacon. Even Sara cooks with bacon and she's a vegetarian. It's one of our favourite things so it was about time we rounded up our favourite bacon recipes. By the time you've worked your way through the list, you'll also be 77% bacon. And very happy indeed.

Pigs in blankets. Since it's Christmas, let's kick off with pigs in blankets. We've got three ways to do them.

Breakfast cups (pictured). They're like bacon and egg cupcakes, without any of the faff. Or you could make this full English breakfast loaf instead.

Bacon and maple cookies. We really like putting bacon in cookies - the whole sweet/salty thing works a treat. You could put them in peanut butter bacon cookies or make some chilli bacon biscuits.

Garlic bacon crunch. All garnish should involve bacon.

Tartiflette. This recipe pops up a lot in our top tens. That's because it's one of the greatest things in the world.

Bacon Bourbon. Yep, we drink bacon as well as eating it. You should put it in a bacon old fashioned.

Toulouse Scotch Eggs. They're best when they're runny.

Whiskied green beans. This recipe improves vegetables tenfold. Booze and bacon should be added to all veggies.

Pancetta Cornbread. OK, it's not strictly bacon. It's close enough, though. This bread is really tasty.

Candied Bacon. Trust us, you'll want to make this every day. (Don't, though, that way heart problems lie.)

See more of our top ten recipe posts! No, no salad round up.

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