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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Top Ten Pie Recipes

Pie is the perfect winter food. The only thing that keeps us going until March is pastry. It's all that butter that's keeping us warm, not the fact that the central heating is up so high that we're starting to frizz. Frankly, we're not sure what we'd do without pies.

Here are our top ten pie, tart and pasty recipes - sweet and savoury, of course.

Steak, wild mushroom and ale. This pie is like a perfect Sunday with a puff pastry hat. It goes really well with our Stilton pastry.

Stilton, broccoli and chicken pie. Speaking of Stilton, it works well right in the pie as well.

Beef and chestnut pie. It's the perfect time of year for chestnuts. Make the most of them before they're all gone.

Chicken and asparagus pasties (pictured). We just want to wrap everything in pastry, it's that kind of weather. You can even make mini chicken tikka pasties. We've got a gluten free shortcrust pastry recipe as well.

Pear and vanilla crumblepie. Actually, crumblepie might be one of the best things in the entire world.

Chocolate ganache pie. Want to impress your friends but only have five minutes to make dessert? This is what you make.

Pumpkin pie. Have we missed the pumpkin boat? We don't care, pumkin pie is tasty.

Pecan Pie. The perfect alternative to Christmas pudding. Or you could make these little gluten free walnut and maple tarts.

Banoffee Pie. You can't have a pie top ten without banoffee, it's against the laws of pie (that we just made up).

The Apple Pie Flip. Actually, this isn't pie. This is an apple pie cocktail. Woohoo!

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  1. Stilton pastry?! Eee gads, people. What are you trying to do to me?! That sounds DELICIOUS. Cholesterol be damned...

    1. Yes indeed. I haven't made normal pastry since coming up with that.

  2. We save pasties for 'gardening day' - a rare treat for us and our garden! Current favourite is HFW Swede and potato with rough puff from River Cottage Veg Every Day!

  3. Pie in all its wondrous forms? Yes please. I love pecan and maple pie, and my goodness that one looks luscious..

    I recently baked a batch of 'hand pies'- and no, I really don't know who came up with the rather morbid-sounding name. They were like personal on-the-go mobile almond and apple parcels of goodness. Alas, they are no longer with us.

    1. The only thing we're missing is a pork pie - I'm pretty intimidated by hot water pastry, and M&S do a fabulous job of it.

  4. I need crumblepie in my life, but your link keeps taking me to steak pie, which I now also need in my life.

    1. That wasn't a sneaky ploy, honestly! The link has been updated now, but I recommend you make both.


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