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Wednesday 19 December 2012

Kids Christmas Gift Guide (by Emilia, aged 7)

This post was written by Emilia Alfano, aged 7 "but really very nearly 8" years old.

I asked Santa for a bike and swimming stuff and I'd like some little surprises. I like these dinosaur stamps. You could put them in your homework book if you had to write about dinosaurs or if you wanted to write a story about dinosaurs. I think everyone must like dinosaurs.
Melissa And Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set, £7.28, Amazon

I'd like a yo-yo too because you could play with it when you're bored. You can get light up ones which are really cool. You could maybe learn to do tricks and stuff with them but I'd just play with mine because I might not have time to practice tricks because I don't think my mum would let me take it to school.
Duncan Pulse light up yo-yo, £9.99, The Random Shop
I really love doing drawing and colouring and I like clothes. This is a cool thing where you can do tracing of clothes then colour them in so you sort of make your own clothes but they're not real!
Grafix Fashion Wheel, £5, The Entertainer
It'd be so cool though if you could make them real then you could buy them when you went shopping.

Info for Santa: All items are still available for delivery before Christmas at the time of writing!


  1. Oh man. So glad to see that the kids still have some love for the Fashion Wheel.

    1. I know, brilliant to see the fashion wheel still lives on! And it's only for £5. I think I might get one for myself.

    2. I always wanted a Fashion Wheel when I was a kid, convinced that I'd get to design princess dresses as a grown up.

    3. I had to explain the concept to her then she thought it was magic. No guesses who will be playing with it on Christmas Day though.... *wanders off whistling innocently*

  2. I had a fashion wheel, well we shared it between the 3 of us. I loved it :)

  3. I had Fashion Wheel too. So many fashion possibilities! Oh, I loved that thing!


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