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Monday 17 December 2012

Icarus Lampshade by Tord Boontje

Given the time of year and the plethora of small children singing about angels and playing them in nativity plays, this Icarus lampshade could err into the Creepy side of Cute or Creepy. After all, it is based on a myth where a man plummeted to his death by flying too close to the sun and reminded me of when Matt Damon cuts his angel wings off in 'Dogma'. But I think it's absolutely beautiful.
This is the interiors equivalent of a statement shoe or piece of jewellery. The design originated from paper being cut to mirror the shape and form of feathers. The end result is made from layers of polyester shaped around a cone (so it doesn't melt on the light bulb!) to create a very ethereal and romantic piece.

For your own little slice of heaven, you can buy the Icarus shade from Dutch By Design for £79.95.

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