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Tuesday 4 December 2012

Bag Lust: Warehouse Satchel

I spotted this satchel at the weekend on a Cheltenham shopping trip with Frances. She tried her best to make me buy it, but it resisted. Despite the fact that it's quite obviously perfect. My bags seem to come in two sizes: absolutely teeny tiny (today's choice) and big enough for a small family of Christmas elves to live in.

This is the Goldilocks of satchels. (Goldilocks totally has a satchel, she broke into houses and stole porridge, she needs somewhere to put her breaking and entering equipment.)

This bag manages the tricky little feat of being hardback book-sized AND still small enough to take to the pub of an evening. This means I can read on the bus to the pub! It means I can attempt to read on the way home after five pints! It means I don't play games on my phone and run my battery down and then realise I have no idea where I'm going but can't call anyone (this happens way more than it should but I am doing really well on Flight of the Amazon Queen). It's blimmin' lovely as well as practical.

If you happen to be Goldilocks, or you're just in need of a new bag that you can fit a book in, £38 but Warehouse are giving everyone 25% off all full price items up until Christmas. That'll leave you some change to buy a new book.

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