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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Naomi Greaves' Laser Cut Jewellery

Naomi Greaves is going to be my 'I like you rather a lot but don't have much money because I spent it on shoes' Christmas present source. She's actually a printmaker, but she's cleverly turned her skills to jewellery. These beautiful brooches are laser cut plywood and magnificently, most of them are under a tenner

We might not be making typewriters in the UK anymore, but you can bet they'll still be the inspiration behind a lot of jewellery. This is definitely a good thing.

This double-layered moth brooch is actually £14 (I know, despite the extra detail it's still a mega bargain). I'll save this one for someone I really, really like.

This lavender salts bottle is my favourite. Actually I might save this one for me (don't look at me like that). It's £9! That's amazing. I spent more on my lunch yesterday.

The large butterflies are gorgeous and so detailed. Yet still only £10. These are going to be pieces that you love forever and I'm so impressed that they're such good value. Make sure you check out the rest of Naomi's website, not just the shop. Her cabinet of curiosities has some gorgeous work in it.

Which indy designers are you buying your Christmas presents from?


  1. These are just painfully pretty. I know they're everywhere but I AM a sucker for typewriter jewellery.

  2. I might be missing something, but I can't work out how to order any of the pieces from the shop on her website...?

    1. Hi Lia,

      How strange! I can see a way either. I've double checked a couple of the stockists and lots of them have her work in stock - Frank has some lovely pieces. Sorry to cause any confusion!



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