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Friday 7 December 2012

Stocking Fillers: Corkers

My old housemate was a one glass of wine girl. She'd open up a bottle of red, pour a glass and then put the cork back in. Then usually, I'd come home and drink the rest. I never really opened wine if I wasn't going to finish it off, that's when I drink beer.

My old housemate will never get to play with Corkers.

Look at the cute li'l guy! Get your old wine cork, then dress him up in a little buffalo outfit. Complete with tusks! It looks like you get lots of pins so you can make more than one, and have yourself a little zoo running about while you're tipsy and finding the presenters on Bid TV absolutely hilarious (just me?)

Actually, watching the Corkers bunny look at all of the leftover bunny parts of quite creepy.

The deer is awesome! Look at his ace antlers. He's almost (not quite) as good as the monkey. Corkers are only £5.95 each from PrezzyBox so if you're really stuck for what to buy someone, get them a nice bottle of wine and one of these. They'll be so busy playing about that they won't notice you've left the corner shop price tag on the bottle.


  1. Am I the only one who thinks these look like a terrible cracker toy?

  2. I think they're a great cracker present and will do my secret santa nicely. Ta!

  3. Look at the little bird on the buffalo's back! These are great.

  4. These are great! I know the perfect person who keeps all her corks 'just in case' who'll love these! Thanks!


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