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Friday 7 December 2012

Dream Dress: Modern Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are a bitch to wear in winter. In theory, they're brilliant. You can wear your thickest tights under them and no one will know! Massive thermal granny pants, if you fancy it. But in practice? You look like you're going to the office Christmas party in whatever you could find in the half price bit of Coast. Basically, you risk look like a freezing cold bridesmaid.

No more! I've spent all damn morning searching had a scout around looking for some maxi dresses that are a little more modern and interesting. They exist! Let's go shopping!

Erm, excuse me ASOS lady, would you mind not being so slinky in this Diesel dress please? It's really distracting. Gosh I love this dress. It'll make me look six foot tall, I know it. And we all know that flashing a bit of back is sexier than cleavage. This is £110 and it actually looks like it'll keep you warm while making you look bloody fabulous.

OK, Anusha's offering is still a little office party-ish. But it's more 'oh, this old thing? I always swan about looking like a damn movie star' and that's a look I'm more than happy to go with. It's £139 though. Damn. My Garbo dress dreams will have to wait.

I was tempted to show you a sequin number from Topshop, but then I spotted this satin t-shirt maxi. I love the shape. Love it. It's £58, which is a bargain. Just don't swish about near any open fires. You'll go up in flames like a Christmas pudding.

Zara are basically winning at the high street at the moment. I'm ALL OVER their coats, their bags and their shoes. This maxi dress is £69.99 and it's the loveliest of them all.

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