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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Shop In The Spotlight: I Feel Smug

I Feel Smug not only has an excellent name, it wants to sell you excellent things. If you find yourself in north London you can drift around the shop, but otherwise have a trawl through all the loveliness online. It's full of handmade toys, gorgeous kitchenware, cute ceramics and stationery that you'll have to force yourself to use.

Let's start with some knitted puppies.
Knitted puppies, £18
You could legitimately feel a bit smug if you bought one of these, given that they're made by a women's collective in Kenya which aims to improve the quality of life of rural women. Plus, look at their FACES! And teeny paws! Just don't look at the woolly owls unless you're prepared to risk dying of cute.

Far A Long Long Way To Run pendant, £20
For the Sound of Music fan in your life - a Far, A Long Long Way To Run pendant. They've also got La A Note To Follow Sew, Ray A Drop Of Golden Sun and Sew A Needle Pulling Thread, but do any of those come with a functional miniature brass telescope? I think not. You can show your love for Julie Andrews AND spy on people.

Children's book illustration brooches, £7-£9
These wooden brooches made from children's book illustations will pep up any cardigan. I fancied the typewriter brooch, but then noticed the big fluffy dog on the television one. Is that Blue Peter? Is that you, Goldie? Excuse me, I'm now lost in a Wiki-loop researching Blue Peter pets.

Stuart briefcase, £98
If this is all getting a bit whimsical for you, then (1) you are clearly no friend of mine, and (2) take a look at this charcoal briefcase. It'll go nicely with your winter floral dress. Flowers: not just for summer.

Lipbalm print, £18
Smug does a range of prints, but this lipbalm one is my favourite - mainly because I never go out without at least two on me. (Lipbalms, not prints of lipbalms. That would be taking it a bit far.) I was about to slag off the Hershey's one for sounding disgusting before realising I've got a dark chocolate and peppermint lipbalm. Very nice, honestly.



  2. (Also, you are hilarious and I LOVE YOU.)

  3. Our comments to each other are rapidly just becoming declarations of love. LET'S GET MARRIED AND MAKE HILARIOUS BLOG POSTS TOGETHER.

    1. I would definitely accept your proposal, if you hadn't just killed me with owls.

  4. Oh, this shop is wonderful! I would feel very smug indeed wearing the TV badge. Gimme.

    1. I'm still reading about Blue Peter pets. The cats Kari and Oke only died recently having lived to a ripe old age. They were my favourites.

  5. Replies
    1. I looked at the close-ups of the owls and my brain has melted.

  6. This shop is my idea of heaven, like Richard Armitage and Hugh Jackman all rolled in to one. But choosing the owls or puppies would be like Sophie's Choice, please don't make me do it!

    1. We're grown-ups now. We can own owls AND puppies. I think I'd need a dozen of each, mind, in a little basket so they could play together *bites fist*

  7. If you think the owls are cute, you should see their cows (of course I have one!)

    It's a great outfit and does some super work. In fact, there are a million and one similar schemes out there which, sadly, haven't had the exposure over in the UK yet.

    I'm off to Kenya next week - I'll make a list and send them your way :)


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