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Monday 3 December 2012

Treats For Under A Tenner: Culture Vulture

Cheap treats are always welcome, no matter what time of year it is and luckily Culture Vulture have some really sweet jewellery pieces for under £10 so you can give to others or to yourself without breaking the bank!

Continuing Domestic Sluttery's quest to own a menagerie via different mediums, I present for your consideration this Bambi necklace with Bonus Squirrel!
Bambi necklace, £7.99
Cute and a bit festive. Lovely stuff. Fancy something a bit more exotic? How about a giraffe?
Giraffe necklace, £3.99
A whole giraffe for under £4. That's actually amazing. This one wouldn't need a very tall tree to feed off either. I like that he's mid run too. A gamboling giraffe will cheer anyone up.

As would a rabbit in a bow.
Rabbit locket, £9.99
Such a charming chap to sit on a locket. I'd be tempted to put pictures of my cat in it (the alarm's sounded in Crazy Cat Lady HQ to come and pick me up...). Now which to choose as gifts for others and which as a gift for me?

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