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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Bonkers or Brilliant: Sticky Toffee Pudding Cheese

Which comes first - the dessert course or the cheese course? It's a tricky conundrum - but a certain Granny Singleton has thought of that and come up with a solution that is either totally perfect or jolly silly. I vote for a bit of both.

You see, Lancashire cheese-bosses Grandma Singletons have devised a range of Dessert Cheese. They make their own creamy cheese as a base and then source swankified ingredients from the best places they can find to create a sort of pudding-within-a-cheese.

Arguably the highlight of the range by some way is their sticky toffee pudding cheese. Earlier this year, we brought you the Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding Company, and Granny Singleton use their very special sticky toffee to create this fudge-like cheesey delight.

The point is, it's cheese, but not as we know it. Not really a friend of crackers or chutney, I also wouldn't drink this with a glass of wine (not even a sweet wine), but the texture is so creamy and smooth it's a champion match for the sweetness of the sauce. And yet I still can't decide if I enjoyed eating it.

You can pick up this sticky, cheesy wonder for 89p per 100g on the deli at Sainsburys, and you can also follow Granny Singleton on twitter.

The question is whether you think they've taken two of the best things in the world and:
A. Combined them into a brilliant hybrid of bestness or
B. Ruined both of them.
What do you guys think?


  1. I've had a sticky toffee cheese before, made by the Cheshire Cheese Company (I think!) and while I refused to try it as it sounded wrong - I finally did and it was beautiful! Not cheese, definitely pudding!

  2. I tried this the other day! Very interesting, more like a creamy, sweet, fudge than a cheese, but definitely worth having on a cheese board! :D

  3. I just... I can't... It's...


    Sorry, but cheese is cheese and pudding is pudding and never the twain shall meet.

  4. I haven't tried this one but they also do a salted caramel one which I have tried. I love salted caramel, I love cheese, it was beyond awful. There aren't many cheese "combos" I like but I can't resist a good pickled onion cheddar, it's my cheese guilty pleasure :)

  5. I don't think I want something so sweet with my cheese. That's why cheesecake works for me - the salted base. I'm much more likely to go for lemon cheesecake (my all time favourite) than I am a toffee one, it's just too cloying. I imagine this would be the same, even though in theory it's a good idea.


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