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Wednesday 12 December 2012

Wrapping Paper Wednesday

Usually Wednesdays are reserved for glorious wallpapers, but with Christmas fast approaching, we need paper on our presents more than we do our walls. Here's a round up of the best wrapping paper for your brilliant gifts.

This book plate gift wrap has Frances' name all over it (well, it will if I write it in swirly handwriting). It's from Present & Correct and it's £6.50 for 4 sheets so save it for the most good boys and girls.

You need to wrap your finest presents in this. A rubbish Secret Santa gift is not an unexpected pleasure. It's £6.95 from The Design Museum for three larges sheets and four gift tags and ribbon.

God awkward presents to wrap? Then get yourself a couple of these house gift boxes from The V&A. They're £3.50. (Oh, and do look out for our Christmas giveaway from the V&A tomorrow.)

If there were presents under my tree, I'd go straight for them first. This paper is adorable. The paper actually comes in an Eskimo gift wrap set so you get two cards, lots of gift wrap and tags for £11 from Modern Art Oxford at Culture Label.

The National Gallery has loads of London map wraps, but this street map is my favourite. It's £1.50 and perfect for any London-dwellers you might know (me).

This postcard gift wrap is perfect for all of those far-flung friends you miss dearly (come home soon please, Sam). It's by ARTHOUSE Meath and £4 for three sheets from Bouf.

Its the festive issue of Wrap magazine! This is one of my favourite independent magazines. Once you've finished reading all of the yummy design and creativity features, you can tear out the specially designed pages to use as wrapping paper. It's £10.50 and a really brilliant read.

Need some pretty tags? How about these wooden gift tags from Cox & Cox. This is a perfect excuse to go nuts with your stamps of excellence. They're £5.50 and you get 25. That's loads of presents, you generous thing.

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