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Tuesday 18 December 2012

The Just Desserts Round Up: Cinnamon

We gave you a Christmassy flavour to play with for this month's Just Desserts club: cinnamon. It's like Christmas in a jar, adding a magical festive flavour to whatever you sprinkle it over or mix it into.

Here are our favourite recipes that you blogged about, you clever, creative cooks.

Under A Glass Sky made lebkuchen, and throws in a casual reference to cinnamon vodka in her write-up. Imagine a handful of lebkuchen with a little shot of that to kickstart Christmas Day. Cor!

Love this recipe for cinnamon monkey bread from Edinburgh Eats, and not just for the line "I like big Bundts and I cannot lie". Buttery cinnamon dough balls held together with brown sugar caramel? I think we're all booked on the Edinburgh train for Christmas.

Bourbonnatrix Bakes made these spicy brownies, combining cinnamon with Mexican chilli powder. With a perfect fudgy centre and a thin crisp top, these would give a kick to your elevenses.

Over on Rosalilium, Elizabeth brought us a mug of cinnamon hot chocolate. Not strictly a dessert, but we wouldn't turn down a piping hot cup of this on a cold evening.

As for us, Alex gave you this bloody marvellous mulled wine chocolate cake, which helpfully leaves enough wine for you to enjoy a glass or two with a slice. And Laura B is insistent that latkes don't have to be savoury - she's sprinkled hers with cinnamon and served with a sweet sauce.

We've had a lot of love for cinnamon over the years, it turns out. This brioche, vanilla and rum pudding will warm up your evenings, or maybe you'd prefer churros dipped in chocolate? If you haven't made our chocodoodles or cinnamon whirls then you're missing a treat, and if you prefer your treats gluten-free, then try baking our carrot cake.

Our next theme is FIGHTING FOR CUSTARDY, because we love a laboured pun. Think trifles, custard pots, custard cakes, tarts, puddings... Anything you set your mind (and kitchen, and blog) to! Added incentive: there's a prize for our favourite recipe. We'll do our next round-up on 13 February.

Want to get involved? Check out the Just Desserts guidelines, and make sure you link back to this post to spread the word. Tell us when you've posted your recipe so we can share it, and use the hashtag #JustDesserts on Twitter so we can tweet your post. We're always looking for new bloggers to feature, so if you're a keen baker, why not set up a blog or dust off your old one, and get stuck in?

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