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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Give Izola's drink-related presents and be merry!

There's always a fairly substantial sub-section of my Christmas list - mostly men, it has to be said and the occasional Domestic Slut - for whom the answer of what I'm going to buy them is always 'booze'. Thanks to the Izola range at the newly launched online version of The Shop At Bluebird, I'm expanding that answer just a dash this year: to 'booze-related gifts'.

It's an impressive range of stainless steel cocktail shakers and hip flasks, perfect for adding sophistication to cocktail cabinets and, er, coat pockets. Izola are the company behind this vintage-inspired soap dish I wrote about a while back and these drinking devices have exactly the same neat sense of style. The shaker at the top of this post is engraved with the exact measurements for terms like 'pony' and 'dash' (so no more excuses for stingy measures).

Meanwhile this design tells you the word for cheers in various different languages - perfect for the international boozers among us. Both shakers are £55, so they are substantial gifts: give them to someone you'll sure make the most of them (i.e. lets you try all the cocktails). You can also throw in our downloadable cocktail guide for free.

They also do some great hip flasks priced at £39 to add some swag to a swig.  The Hell With Work hip flask is perfect for your favourite ne'er-do-well, though perhaps not your boss.

Or, for Christmas morning, if opening up a lovingly gifted-wrapped hair of the cat book, perhaps the only thing that will work is Hair of the Dog. It'll make your lucky recipient feel like lord of the manor, with no actual animals being harmed in the transaction. Guaranteed to bring Christmas cheer(s).

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