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Monday 3 December 2012

Etsy Pick: Carried Away

Last night, a jaunt around Etsy led me in two directions. One was toward this terrifying thing and that particular internet journey has probably scarred me for life. After making a cuppa and giving the cat a cuddle to ward off terrifying Etsy doll nightmares, I carried on my searching and discovered Carried Away.

I need a Superman clutch bag immediately. This needs to whoosh itself underneath my tree faster than the speed of light. Or I'd be happy with a Superman shopper - that one is only £14.

I'm not a Star Wars fan. Never have been. Actually, I don't think I've watched a whole Star Wars film (feel free to berate me in the comments). That said, I know loads of you will like this Star Ways handbag, and C3PO is pretty cool. It's £32.

Not in the market for Ewoks and Superheroes? Then this Paris shoulder bag is pretty swoonsome. Thirty quid for a handcrafted bag is such good value.

There's a pink velvet handbag as well. You can take the chains off and carry as a clutch if you prefer (please tell me how you carry a clutch all night and don't leave your bag in the loo).

I reckon Carried Away are going to sell very well in the run up to Christmas. The last post day for Christmas in the UK might well be the 20th, but if you wait around until then, they won't be any bags left. Probably because I've decided I want them all.


  1. Oh my goodness. That doll is mighty scarey :-(

  2. Ahhh! Why did you do that to me?!
    The nightmares!

  3. Yeah, sorry about that. But then I made it better with lovely handbags.

  4. Blimey - those handbags are beautiful



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