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Thursday 6 December 2012

ASOS Applique

A bright orange applique blouse wasn't exactly what I planned on featuring today. Or ever, actually. I don't wear orange, I don't really like a whole fussy load of flowers down my front.

Except it turns out that I do. Because this blouse is beautiful. And the styling from Monsieur ASO is rather excellent too because I also want that bag and those shoes and those trousers. Clever. Let's look a little closer at the blouse.

Those cuffs! They're cuffs that I'll actually try not to dip into my lunch (I'm not saying that I'll succeed). The piping is lovely. How about a proper look at the detailing?

It's just a little bit over the top isn't it? That's absolutely a good thing in my book. Much to the shock of everyone this week, I've shunned my usual uniform of thick tights and a pretty dress and I've started wearing jeans again and this will look perfect with a pair of dark denims. It's £38 and ASOS are doing free next day delivery at the moment so if you buy this now, you'll be fabulously appliqued by the weekend.

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