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Monday 17 December 2012

Ho Ho HA: Giant Christmas Tree Googly Eyes

Most of you have probably put up the Christmas tree by now, but I implore you to reshuffle your carefully thought-out ornament-light-tinsel configuration to make way for what must be a contender for Most Amazing Christmas Tree Decoration Ever: giant googly eyes. Seriously, look at them. If nothing else, imagine freaking out your kids/granny/dog on Christmas morning. Priceless, non?

The brainchild of American novelty shop Archie McPhee, they are available closer to home from Madrid-based Curiosite, who, with their bold 48-hour express European delivery claims, should probably-hopefully-just-might be able to get them to UK shores by C-Day. They're £6.76, with aforementioned express delivery at £5.95. 

And what to do with them for the rest of the year? Well, now that I know of their existence, I am struggling to think of a place in my home that wouldn't be enriched by the addition of giant googly eyes. On the fridge, they will sadly and disapprovingly observe you on your midnight snack raid, as you scoop houmous from the tub with a cold sausage. On the front door, they will silently reproach the postman for not bringing the mail until 3pm. On the bin, they will roll sullenly when they realise you're not recycling properly. In the bathroom, they will... NO. That's just creepy.

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