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Tuesday 11 December 2012

Sluttery Fantasy: Melanie Porter

I will warn you that this post will induce a hefty amount of want and tears as you realise that you're bank manager probably won't like it if you spend so much money. But I couldn't not show you Melanie Porter's reclaimed knitted chairs.

If there's a more inviting thing to sit on than these reclaimed 1930s cinema seats, I want to know about it because these look AMAZING.
Imagine if all cinema seats were like this? It would be the coolest cinema ever. The price for such loveliness though is £2,600. There is a LOT of work involved though. Melanie starts the process from the bare frame of the furniture and creates everything by hand.

You'd have to share them though. Harry is a chair that is not for sharing primarily because you would never want to leave it.
A restored 1960s swivel chair, Harry is quite the handsome chap indeed. Perfect for snuggling up in and reading your favourite book or swivelling around making plans and schemes like a technicolour dream chaired villain. Harry will cost you £2,100 though.

Melanie doesn't just knit chairs though. Poppy is the most non-standard standard lamp and all the more glorious for it.
I want this in my house immediately. It comes in a soft white as well but it's the colour pop that makes this lamp brilliant. For £750, it could be yours. I want it to be mine with a fierce yearning.

If you're after something quite specific, Melanie does do bespoke pieces which would be the ultimate treat for you home. I am giddy just thinking about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to plan my dream home around some of these pieces.

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