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Monday 10 June 2013

Amazing Swimsuits under £50

Around this time of year, magazines start telling you that you need a beach body (and it absolutely can't be the body you have now, don't be silly). You need to be 'bikini ready', which implies that right now you're anything but and you must be in six weeks otherwise your holiday will be a total disaster. Well, bollocks to that.

I don't have the perfect body, but I don't really give two hoots. I'm going on holiday! What I actually want is a lovely swimsuit that fits well despite the fact that I'm want to have lunch three four times a day because I'm on holiday and everything is really damn tasty. And because I want to spend all of my money on souvenirs and lunchtime cakes, it can't cost hundreds. Here are some gorgeous swimsuits under £50.

I'm going nuts for this floral swimming costume from Joe Browns at Debenhams. It doesn't look chintzy or overly girly. And I'm a huge fan of a halterneck. It's a flattering shape for all bust sizes, and you don't have to worry about back straps when you turn over on your sun lounger. Your tits will stay put while you try to read on your side before realising that was stupidly uncomfortable anyway. All this holiday excitement can be yours for the bargain price of £37.95.

This plunge swimsuit teeters somewhere between gloriously sexy and a little bit trashy. I think it depends on the size of your cleavage - there's no way mine is getting in there in any sort of elegant manner. But, I adore this swimsuit. The navy colour and side bow are the perfect touches (I'm ignoring that you're going to get sand down your tits). Oh, and the price is pretty perfect too, plunging way under fifty quid at just £35 from ASOS. But don't go swimming in it, it's not that sort of costume.

I'm cheating a little with this Ted Baker swimsuit - it's actually in the ASOS sale. But it's reduced from £69 to £48, and still avilable in sizes up to a 16-18. And besides, have you ever seen a swimsuit with wild horses running across it? Nope, me neither. Bonus holiday points for seeing an actual horse on the beach, I'm pretty sure that only happens in the opening credits of Sunset Beach.

This map print is gorgeous and very apt if you're not quite sure where you fancy going on your holidays. It's £35 from Topshop. (Where are you going on your holidays?)

Bravissimo swimwear is always excellent and this Moroccan tile print swimsuit is no exception. Their key selling point is being able to choose your bra size, so you'll have no awkward fit. It comes in at £49.

I've saved my favourite until last. I couldn't resist a little bit of polka dot print! This is, quite surprisingly, one of the cheapest of the bunch at £35. It's also the most glam of the bunch. Just add massive sunglasses and a smug Out Of Office grin.

Seen any lovely swimsuits? Share with us! I'll show you some amazing bikinis next week.


  1. I bought a great one from Asda for £12:,default,pd.html
    I got one in dark blue with white polka dots, its got a hidden tummy panel and hoiks your boobs up (most seem to try and squash mine down, they don't like that) and they go up to a size 24 :)

  2. I got a great cossie in Asda for £12 as well! Really good at disguising my tummy!

    1. Asda are ace for bras for big boobs also, usually under £10 too :)

  3. I like the map one, but I'm not sure I'd want Australia in my crotch...


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