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Monday 10 June 2013

Song Lyrics For Your Walls And Arms

Got a favourite lyric? Want to commemorate it without getting it tattooed down your arm? Thought so. Needles hurt, and there's a slim chance that I won't want "we're up all night for good fun / we're up all night to get lucky" written on me for all time. Thankfully, there are clever crafty people who will stitch, print or emboss lyrics for you, so you can pin them on your wall or wear them round your wrist.

Crafty Curtis makes cross-stitch earworms for your walls. Beautifully made and framed in an embroidery hoop, she's got a definite 80s/90s indie feel to her shop. Apart from the Neneh Cherry lyric above, she's also got some Radiohead, James, Rebel MC and The Cure available for £30. Got an earworm of your own? Crafty Curtis takes commissions - but be aware she's a self-confessed opinionated music fan and may veto anything she doesn't approve of. I don't think she'd sew 'she makes me wanna oh oh oh oh oh oh' by JLS (RIP, we will not forget) for me.

Erin of The Indigo Bunting originally made this 'Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake' poster for a bride who commissioned it to surprise her sweet-toothed husband at their reception. It was so popular that she started selling it in her shop. Ignore the fact it's a 50 Cent lyric and appreciate it for the sentiment - sweet but not saccharine. You'll pay $15 for an 8x10" print.

Over on Etsy, Oh Someday will make you a bracelet with lyrics stamped on a brass piece. I love the simplicity of these. They're like the friendship bracelets we made in the playground, if we'd had the skill to do anything more than plait some threads. Choose from the premade bracelets in her shop - I have a sneaky love for 'WITNESS THE FITNESS' - or submit your own. They're just £12 each.


  1. Thirty pounds! This makes your 'I could do that myself'debate all sorts of relevant as I have been both cross stitching and embroidering lyrics for myself and my friends for ages but wouldn't have imagined I could charge that much for them ... Hmmm...


  2. Gutted - Indigo Bunting doesn't ship to the UK! I had my credit card out and ready to go for that 'Love you like a fat kid loves cake' print :(

    1. My apologies - I saw it on the drop-down menu and assumed they'd ship here. I can't see an Etsy shop for her either. Might be worth dropping Erin a line via her blog to see if she can help?

    2. thanks Sara - I'll give that a go. It will be mine!


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