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Monday 17 June 2013

Top Ten Rice Recipes

No, wait! Don't go! I know a compilation of rice recipes doesn't sound very appealing, but wait! There are loads of things to be done with rice. It can be sweet or savoury, spicy or delicate. It's naturally gluten free and it takes on flavours brilliantly. It might be a bland kitchen staple, but it's so much more versatile than pasta. Here are our top ten rice recipes.

Risotto is one of our favourite things to make. All that stirring is like some sort of therapy. We love this pumpkin risotto, but we've also got recipes for squash and goats cheese, beetroot and barley, tomato and chilli and even a salad risotto.

And once you've got the risotto leftovers, it's time to make arancini! Our gin, lemon and rosemary arancini balls are so tasty you'll be making too much risotto rice just so you have an excuse to make them.

Kedgeree is a brilliant rice dish that works surprisingly well as a breakfast dish. One of the best thing about rice is how it takes on flavours and spices, so we've also got a Thai-style kedgeree recipe (pictured at the top of the post, looking tasty).

If you're after a side dish, try the jollof rice pictured, our spicy lemon rice, or our simple aromatic rice.

And what about the sweet stuff? A good rice pudding can be the most comforting thing ever, but if you fancy something different, then our Thai mango with sticky rice is a brilliant sweet treat.

If you fancy making your rice pudding a little more fancy, how about Hazel's cardamom and vanilla rice pudding with raspberry compote?

Rice? In a cake? Yes indeed. This rhubarb and orange rice cake is the perfect gluten free cake. See? Rice isn't so dull after all!

Want more recipe inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe compilations.

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