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Friday 7 June 2013

The Marshmallow Lady

Here at Domestic Sluttery, we have our very own marshmallow lady in the shape of Laura B and her rather brilliant mojito marshamllows. And then, there's The Marshmallow Lady, who makes equally as exciting marshmallows, from peanut butter to passion fruit, millionaire's shortbread and even beer!

Do you fancy a cookies and cream marshmallow? How about Key lime pie marshmallow? The Marshmallow Lady was bored with dull and sickly marshmallows so she set about making some her own. Based in Edinburgh, she uses fair trade sugar and Scottish butter and cream in her recipes and makes practically everything by hand. Even better (for me, at least) many of her marshmallows are gluten free! 

If you're as excited about these gourmet marshmallows as I am, you can call into the Marshmallow Lady's shop on Rodney Street, it's open Wednesday–Saturday, or buy something from their online store.


  1. Love love love!! I discovered her a couple of years ago and cannot wait to introduce all our wedding guests to her as we're having mallows as our wedding favours! x

  2. I was all over this idea till I saw the whopping £5.50 postage :(

    1. Hi Lua, The Marshmallow Lady here. I've just had a look on the website and yes the P&P is doing weird things right now. The postage is £3.50 up to 4 bags, then a flat rate of £4.50 upwards of 4 bags. If you order online I will refund the extra P&P fees. The problem will be corrected on the website as soon as possible :)
      Thanks so much hun, Nicole x

    2. That is much more reasonable! You will have an order from me shortly. Can I just ask - are these marshmallows veggie friendly?

  3. Does she do veggie friendly ones?

  4. Hi Lua, it's the Marshmallow Lady here. How many bags did you order hun, I'm not sure that postage is correct, unless you ordered over 7 bags? Unfortunately the Royal Mail put its prices up hugely a month ago, I have tried to keep the cost down to the customer as much as possible though.


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