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Thursday 27 June 2013

Etsy Pick: Shop Miss Ella's cutest animal bags

Miss Ella seems to have been cribbing on the precise ways to make us like her: she has a fondness for furry creatures, she's a UK-based Etsy seller (Norwich to be precise) and, possibly most importantly, she's a maker of lust-worthy bags and accessories.

Did I mention Ella liked furry creatures? They can be found scampering all over her shop, but it's on her animal bags they make their biggest paw print (found thanks to a tip off from the ever reliable Frankie). Look, it's a bag shaped like a cat! If that doesn't make your inner five-year-old clap your hands with glee, I suspect you're lying.

There's a bear bag too - identifiable from the shaped wooden handle ears (Attenborough has nothing on me). Each animal is available in a number of different fabric finishes, or you could request your own custom version.

These bags look as if they are made with a whole lot of love and care, carried through to every pocket and lining.

And, for all the fashion conscious bunnies out there, there's even a bag shaped like a rabbit.

Fallen head over fluffy tail for the bags? They're all priced at £65 each. There's a wide range of cheaper goodies available in Ella's shop too, such as this cat collar or her nail decals. Well, hop to it!

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