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Thursday 20 June 2013

Catherine Colebrook TV Dinner Tray

Here at Sluttery HQ, we love eating with our friends at the dining table, in fact we all have our own dream dining table. We'll happily spend hours browsing pretty/quirky/original additions to our dining rooms and we're never happier than when we're entertaining.

Sometimes, though, you can't beat dinner in front of the TV. If you just happen to be sitting down to dinner when your favourite telly show is starting, or you've had a hectic day and you can't be bothered with being sociable with everyone else up the table, then it's time for a TV dinner. Honestly, who can say hand-on-heart that they always eat at the dining table when they're eating alone? I can't.

I need Catherine Colebrook's brilliant TV Dinner Tray. With a handy reminder of which direction the television set is in and a space for the remote, it's the ideal companion for telly dining. I actually quite like eating my tea on my lap, and now I can go through the ritual of setting the table tray so I still get a sense of occasion, even when beans on toast is all that's on the menu.

This tray is £22 from Catherine Colebrook's online shop and standard UK delivery is free. Now you can stylishly combine your pie and mash with Eastenders, Shepherd's pie with Emmerdale or hotpot with Coronation Street!

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