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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Sluttishly Sweet: Café Bombón Panna Cotta

I can still remember my first café bombón. I've always been partial to condensed milk - preferably straight from the can - but combining it with hot, strong espresso? A stroke of genius. My mind popped.

It's a special treat, for sure - not one to glug down for every hot drink of the day, especially when you have a coffee addiction as uncontrollable as mine - but such a wonderful end to a meal.

The drink itself is almost like a pudding, which led me to think - what if I made it into an actual pudding? What if two of Europe's most majestic foodie forces united in a culinary entente cordiale? What if I combined Spanish café bombón with Italian panna cotta to make CAFÉ BOMBÓN PANNA COTTA?

No more what ifs, people. It's happening. This is real. It's in my fridge, it's in my face, it's in my tummy. THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Café Bombón Panna Cotta (makes 4-6)
You will need:
  • 397g sweetened condensed milk (1 can)
  • 300ml double cream
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 sachet powdered gelatine (about 10g), plus 120ml hot water to make it
  • 550ml strong coffee
  • 3 tsps granulated sugar
  • 1 more sachet gelatine (we use the coffee to make it, so no need for the hot water here)
  • Coffee beans to garnish (optional)
Make it! 
  1. Mix together the condensed milk, cream and vanilla extract in a large jug. Make up the gelatine by sprinkling the contents of the sachet over the hot water, and mixing thoroughly. 
  2. Leave the gelatine to cool for a couple of minutes, then whisk it into the creamy stuff.
  3. Pour into the receptacles of your choice - something glass works best, so that the two layers can be admired. Leave in the fridge to set for at least three hours.
  4. When the bottom half has set, make the strong coffee and stir in the sugar. Sprinkle the remaining gelatine over the top and stir as before.
  5. Leave to cool right down to room temperature. Once it has, top up the glasses with coffee and pop back in the fridge to set for a further three hours, or overnight. Garnish each panna cotta with a coffee bean if so desired.
  • Make a boozy café bombón panna cotta by substituting some of the coffee for Tia Maria or Kahlua. 


  1. I WANT THIS NOW. Also, I want that tile.

  2. Any vegetarian replacements for the gelatine?

    1. Have you tried simply vegetarian gelatine - often just called vegetarian gel? Otherwise agar-agar is good, it'll just set a little firmer.

    2. I was hoping you'd have some suggestions, Sara - thank you!



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