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Thursday 20 June 2013

Tall Girl Treat: Taller Than Your Average

Now, admittedly I've had my head in the clouds dreaming of my trip to Canadamerica later this week, but there has been a distinct lack of awesome tall girl shopping opportunities in the past few weeks.

"Ooh. Does this mean you'll be doing another one of your 'there's nothing for tall women' rants?" my colleague said helpfully yesterday. It doesn't. But only because there is so much shouting into the wind before you get hoarse.
Long sleeve body, £36

Instead, thanks to a tip-off from the lovely Laura over on All The Tall Things, I'm looking at Taller Than Your Average, a new line housed at Selfridges offering jersey basics and longer-length 'wardrobe staples' for women over 5'9. (My wardrobe staple is a red velvet coat, but 7/8 cigarette pants would be good too).

Funnily enough, where Taller Than Your Average is really exciting is in the bits that aren't its clothes. Its website has a really great inspiration board; a bit like a Pinterest for women with long, erm, pins. Look at this girl. Doesn't she look epic? I absolutely want to buy what she's wearing! Look at the sleeves on that shirt and the lovely detail, the well-fitting jeans. Delicious.

On its blog, there is a lovely fashion piece-slash-interview with a documentary film maker from VICE - I would love to see more pieces with tall women who do interesting things! She's making a documentary about teenage exorcists in Ukraine for heaven's sake. Win all round.
Crew neck tee, £30
I adore the photography on Taller Than Your Average. However, I'm less whelmed by the launch range of black and white basics. I really don't need another maxi dress or very long skirt. I could buy a t-shirt, a body stocking or a long sleeve top literally anywhere else on the high street. Basics are not difficult to find. I don't want to be basic, I want to be amazing - and it's the amazing clothes that are really difficult to hunt down for tall girls.
Long sleeve midi tube dress, £50

In TTYA's future ranges I'd love to see a pencil skirt that actually goes over the knee, or a mini skirt that I can wear without frightening the elderly. Perhaps a really gloriously well-cut jacket in an imaginative design? Or a sexy cardigan, or a delicious silk shirt? Irene Agbontaen, the 5'11 stylist who founded TTYA, is wearing the most unbelievably kick-ass orange spiked dress in her launch photos - something like that would be amazing!
Long sleeve maxi dress, £60
Who knows what Taller Than Your Average will come up in future. For the meantime, keep an eye on its website and get some outfit inspiration from that terrific board.

You can get 20 per cent off your order by using TTUAINTRO at checkout.


  1. I disagree, the basics ARE difficult to find. (Jut discovered that Speedo have subtly changed the fit of my favourite swimsuit which makes it even less long enough. Someone NEEDS to do a range of proper swimsuits (as in for lap swimming rather than looking pretty) for long torsos.

    1. Sadly, nobody seems to think of a swimsuit as a basic. Long Tall Sally and Land's End are both good for long-bodied one-pieces, if not very sexy.

  2. Underwhelmed, not less whelmed! (it reminds me of that scene from '10 things I hate about you' - something like "I know you can be overwhelmed, and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be... whelmed?")
    On topic - I'm not a tall girl (just average height!) but I have always found Zara's trousers to be ridiculously long in the leg, is this a good option for tall girls?

    1. Not for this tall girl - I'm six two with 38" inside leg and never ever bother shopping on the high street for clothes. Pointless and exhausting waste of time trying on clothes that look great on the hangers but make you look like the lanky awkward school geek you've been desperately trying to get away from being even after all these years. All wrists and ankles, tight underarms and flashes of midriff every time you move about. Brrr

      Hope to see better things from this site, to be honest you can get a lot of tall girl basics much cheaper elsewhere. A bit of inspired design which really looks good on a tall figure and makes me feel like a super-sexy woman please :-)

    2. Yes! It was a grammar joke - although it seems to have misfired in this case ;)

      Unknown, 38" is a real bugger. I've got a few pairs of 38" from Topshop Tall, so it's worth keeping an eye on just in case. I bloody LOATHE that awkward school feeling; it's exactly what I spend this column combatting, so if you have a look through past issues you should find some more ideas.

      More feeling like a super sexy woman! Less feeling annoyed and so on.

  3. I'm really positive about any new tall wear - really really positive. Slightly less positive that it only goes up to a 16, only does black and is very expensive. But every tall retailer has to start somewhere! I've added it to my favourites in case it starts to do 18s.

    Re: basics. Well fitting, affordable basics for tall women are nigh on impossible to find on the real high street, although online high street retailers are slightly easier! Im all for more of them, but at realistic prices!

  4. I'm really excited aout this brand. Not only is she pushing and representing for us tall girls she is stocked in Selfridges!!!!
    The brand has just launch and Rome wasnt built in a day. I think as tall women we should try and stick together and support brands that add to our lifestyle.
    I started a business and I know how difficult it can be, you start small then grow.

    I have already bought a few pieces from the site and the fit and fabric are amazing!! The prices are little more than your high st but with the 20% off its not that much difference. I hate buying from topshop mass produced and the fit sucks as I have long arms. This is a brand by a tall women lets all support and im sure there will be great things to come!!


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