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Tuesday 25 June 2013

Sluttery by Post: Shaken Cocktail Club

Thanks to a tip off at the weekend from the always brilliant Gin Monkey, I learnt about Shaken Cocktail Club. The newest postal service on the block, Shaken are working with the best mixologists in the UK and they want us all mixing and shaking from the comfort of our homes. There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening.

The exact contents of the monthly Shaken parcel are a bit of a mystery. I like that - I want something a little more exciting than mojito ingredients - I can mix one of those without much help. I don't want ingredients that I can buy in Tesco on the way home, if I'm paying £29 a month (ouch) then the contents had better be special.

Each parcel contains a different recipe chosen by a cocktail expert, complete with tasting notes, history, tips and tricks and of course, all the booze and ingredients you need to create your tipple. You get enough for four cocktails (no, that doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm guessing you'll have enough of the base booze to keep creating), and if you need any fresh ingredients they'll let you know in advance.

OK, Shaken. Colour me intrigued.

Can't wait for your delivery and want to get started now? Check out our cocktail recipes from The Boy and His Poison. Rumour has it he's going to be back later this week with a brand new recipe.


  1. I heard about before this and it seems to be doing a very similar thing, except not focussing on the subscription. I think I'd rather buy just one kit and try it out...

  2. You can! You're not tied into any sort of monthly suscription.

    1. Oh this would be a fab one-off gift for someone (or ongoing gift if you are feeling extra generous).

  3. This looks good, but their website is terrible, and it doesn't seem to work on mobile devices (e.g. my iPad). It's putting me off a bit.


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