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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Summer Style from Tara Starlet

I've being spending a lot of time constructing a fantasy wardrobe for a summer that looks like it'll only ever exist in my fantasies. Along with the rest of the UK, I'm really hoping the sun starts properly shining soon so I can justify at least one thing from Tara Starlet's amazing summer collection.

After even more time spent deliberating, I can reveal the one thing I'm desperately justifying to myself is this seaside playsuit, a pricey but oh-so-pretty £75. With cute stripes, anchors and sailor boats, it's got everything I want to go for nought to nautical in style as soon as I get to the beach.

But this playsuit is only the flake in a delicious 99 ice cream of a collection. It's my favourite bit but I'd gladly scoff the whole thing (and then probably get a second too). Tara Starlet have plenty more tasty things in store.

Like this Honolulu dress. It's the summertime equivalent to the Most Christmassy Dress in the World, decorated with a gorgeous Hawaiian beach scene, with plenty of palm trees and hot motors. And even better, the fabric is actually printed in Hawaii. That probably means the dress smells of coconuts (which, as Bounty has taught us, is truly the taste of paradise). This Most Summery Dress in the World is £95.

This Tropical swing dress is the strawberry sauce on top of your ice cream (and not just because the model has fabulous pink hair) - it's a bit show-offy but really quite sweet. However, with its halter-neck and palm-print, the dress is definitely more sizzle than drizzle, and is yours for £80.

The sweetest thing on the Tara Starlet menu are these 50s frocks which come in beautiful gently muted shades. Made from cotton, they just about justify their £80 price tag by promising to keep you cool and perpetually cute for this summer and many more years to come. And, yes, as the picture proves, they go perfectly with ice cream.

Vintage vixens should take a look at the site for more summertime outfits: they've got everything you could desire, from sweet striped skirts to saucy sailor shorts.

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