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Thursday 13 June 2013

The Domestic Sluttery Food Map of the World

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Ever wondered where afelia comes from? Curious about the origin of Madeira cake? (Hint: it doesn't come from Madeira.) Think fortune cookies were created in China? To solve some of these questions and help you discover some great Domestic Sluttery recipes, we've created a huge global food map!

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We've mapped hundreds of our recipes (and we're not done yet), we've trawled our recipes books and scoured the internet to discover the origin of some of our favourite dishes.

Now we know exactly where in Australia lamingtons were invented, and we've learnt that there's a ramen museum in Japan.

And of course, we had the Australia/ New Zealand pavlova argument all over again.

View Domestic Sluttery food map in a larger map

We've tried to be as specific as possible. Sometimes we can pin a recipe down to a country, sometimes a region. When we've been really lucky, we can pin in them down to an exact city or street. We've been very excited when we've done that. Some recipe origins date back centuries so they're harder to pin down.

The map is ever-evolving and we'll keep pinning our latest recipes (which means that Google might want to split them across two pages - there are too many pins!) We're now on a mission to discover even more cuisines from around the world and put a pin in each country. (On a related note, where the hell are all of our Portuguese recipes?! That's a travesty, right there.) When the next Eurovision comes around, you're going to throw on hell of a theme party.

Go, explore, eat!


  1. You have no idea how much I love this! The only thing left is to add anecdotes about how each recipe came about... but I think that would crash Google.

    1. It does, Nat! Where we could find that information, we've shared the origin of the dish as well as info about where it comes from.


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