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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Totes Tuesday: 7 Shoppers for Summer

It's that time of year when carrying a tote bag is essential. You know, British summertime, when you can't leave the house without shades, suncream, Pimms, and a rain mac - just in case. Tote bags are made exactly for those kind of days, and for throwing on grass in the park or around the floor of a grotty club because you were having too much fun and forgot to go home. So - seeing as you'll probably be using it more than your sunglasses - you need to pick your tote carefully. Here are the bags I'd like to get a handle on.

I like the B-Movie look of this Borders and Frontiers Dino shopper, available from ASOS. I'd definitely take it to some optimistic outdoors screenings where it would probably end up doubling as a cushion/rain bonnet. As it's only a tenner, there's money for popcorn too.

This Half Empty Half Full bag (the other side says 'half empty' of course!) by Lazy Oaf is perfect for completely filling with booze for a picnic in the park and then completely emptying. It's £8.50.

Talking of booze, who could forget the magnificent Will Flirt For Gin bag? Its maker, Mardy Mabel, has a shop full of fabulously grumpy stuff. I especially like this Tube Rant Number 3 bag mainly because I despise people looking over my shoulder while I read my paper. This one is £9.99. The newspaper is free, alright?

My work colleague tells me Oh My Days is what the kids are saying these days. I say, if it's reached my office in South Kensington, it's definitely not down with the kids. Either way, I like the neon on this bag by Lady Shacklewell and I would make sure to accessorise with my plumiest accent. It costs £10 of your finest British pounds.

Another Etsy Pick, this vintage pink flower bag is definitely the prettiest option. It's Created By Hannah, a Nottingham Illustrator and is yours for £8. It's the perfect companion for a skip through a meadow.

Unless, of course, you had the possibility of Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, plus dog accompanying you through a meadow. Then you'd have to go Darcy of course. This bag, £10.99 from the British Library shop, is ideal for carrying around your favourite literary heroes and heroines (albeit in book form).

Do you prefer your bags verified? Then it would be foolish to take anything other than this James Brown Unexpected Item tote on your supermarket sweep. It's £7.95 from Illustrated Living, and just think of all those loyalty points you'll gain with its use.

And, please do remember to fill your bag with unexpected items. It's what the British summer is about after all.


  1. Mr. Darcy looks a teeny bit girly. Sue Perkins comes to mind.

  2. Yep, you are very, very right Elizabeth x

    1. Yeah, he's less rugged than your usual Darcy. I like him though - it's nice to see an illustration of Darcy which doesn't make him look like Colin Firth!

  3. I saw someone wearing this at the weekend and it made me smile.

    1. Oh yes, that one is wonderful! Ideal for carting books (and everything else) about.

      Siany featured the matching mug on one of her Christmas wish lists:


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