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Thursday 13 June 2013

Trophy Pets: Home Decor Goes Wild

Let's go back in time to the innocent days of 2011, when the most daring of households were decorating with wooden stag heads. Those truly were simpler times.

Now, that simply doesn't seem to cut it anymore. If you want an animal on your wall, it's got to be  at the very least something like a rhino or a zebra. Or even better, a crocheted multi-coloured striped zebra. If that's what your living room has been lacking for all this time, Anne-Claire Petit has come to the rescue. This zebra is part of her range for the Conran Shop and is yours for £125.

It seems fair to say the trend for faux taxidermy has reached a fantastical new level. Truly fantastical if you look at the range of felt heads stocked at Chelsea Toys which includes the unicorn pictured. Probably on a fantasy budget too at £80.

If you simply want to upgrade from a standard stag to something more exotic, Rockett St George are selling this lovingly hand-painted polar bear for £140. (And is it just me, or is there something in its haunted expression that reminds you of Don Draper? Oh, that is just me.)

The prize in any trophy hunters cap surely has to be this T-Rex wall sculpture, available from Urban Outfitters. It's made from polyresin and the sales blurb tells me that the simple act of mounting it on your wall will make you the "manliest man ever". Or just £80 poorer.

Moving from the ridiculous to the ... well, still quite ridiculous actually, with this seagull trophy lovingly crafted by Rob Mason. I've personally had more run-ins with seagulls than any polar bears, dinosaurs or unicorns, and I can't think of any better ways to remember their chip-stealing skills than with this little piece of art. This design is £75 but Rob does also take commissions. Mount a campaign to mount your favourite animal now (before someone else does it first).


  1. These are the things those add really an awesome look to your home walls but these are not easily available.

  2. Wow! These are really adorable. I really love these animal-themed wall decors especially the crocheted multi-colour stripe zebra. It really looks so cute.


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