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Wednesday 26 June 2013

Cardboard Safari

 I can understand why some people think the whole trophy head thing is a bit macabre, but I'm a fan of them in the right setting. In the dining room of a Baronial castle in the Highlands of Scotland, it seems fitting, in a three-bed semi in suburbia, it's just not. If you don't happen to live in a gothic mansion or a hunting lodge (I don't suppose many of us do) you can still decorate your wall with the mementos of hunting. If you don't mind hunting cardboard animals. Actually, you don't even have to stalk the prey yourself, Cardboard Safari have done that for you, too.

It you prefer your animals local, I'm sure you'll love the stag's head at the top of the page. His name's Bucky and he looks like quite a proud fellow. I rather like this elephant head, he looks like a friendly chap (and completely unfazed at having run head-first into your living room wall), he's just gently surveilling the room from his vantage point Be warned, though, if you get up to any shenanigans in his presence he'll remember then forever. Elephants have notoriously good memories, you know.

This is Fred. I'm a bit concerned that I might start hanging things on his antlers given half a chance, although, on a positive note, I'd never have to untangle a necklace again! If a moose like Fred isn't doing anything for you, why not opt for a bison or a longhorn instead? All of these heads start at £14.99 for a small one (ranging through to £49.99 for one that's 60cm wide) from Lazybone UK. They're packaged flat, so even though you don't get to hunt them yourself, you'll get a bit of challenge from slotting them together properly, which is probably worth a trophy in itself.

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