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Monday 24 June 2013


BEES! I am a big fan of the fuzzy, bumbling insects, happily getting on with their jobs collecting pollen - unlike filthy wasps, who enjoy nothing more than getting all up in yo grill. So here are some beautiful bee-inspired things to buy, complete with important bee facts. There will be a quiz at the end.

(There won't be a quiz.)

This Ted Baker busy bee print scarf is perfect for this sprautum weather, or whatever we're naming this ludicrous season. Greet a sudden drop in temperature with a smile and a casual "oh yes, it was in the House of Fraser sale". It's reduced to £45.50 - and considering it's delicate, beautiful and you'll keep it forever, the cost-per-wear is approx. 17p.

BEE FACT: young bees are taught how to make honey by older bees! In bee school! Aww.

There is nothing that will cheer you up more for a fiver than this bee pocket mirror from Joanne Hawker on Etsy. It's gloriously happy, and made of metal so you can fling it in your handbag without fear of it breaking.

BEE FACT: they can be trained to recognise human faces!

We told you about Yvonne Ellen last year, and it's time to marvel at her upcycling handiwork again. This vodka teacup comes with a bee painted on the saucer. It's £17.33 from Yvonne's shop.

BEE FACT: scientists gave alcohol to bees and found they spent less time flying and walking, and more time flat on their backs. This proved... something. Well done, science.

These silver stacking rings are adorned with a gold plated rose and bee, destined never to meet. It's £26.67 from Fifth Heaven on Etsy, who will make it in your size.

BEE FACT: male honey bees do no work and claim their sole job is to mate. We've all known men like that, am I RIGHT, ladies?

These chocolate bees, flavoured with crushed honeycomb, are the only bees it's acceptable to eat *hard look at cat* Buy a pack for £4.50 at John Lewis.

BEE FACT: Bees have compound eyes, so if they were to go to the cinema, they'd be able to differentiate every individual film frame being projected. This is why you don't see bees in the queue at the Odeon.

This Laura Cantrell song is not only beautiful, it has the lines: "I miss the bees, I miss the honey / I miss them humming by the flowered vine"

And we'll ALL miss the bees soon if we don't encourage them to hang around in our gardens. So if you have any outdoor space, go to Crocus to buy some bee-friendly plants. Prices start at just £1.49 for feverfew, fairy wings, and lemon balm (which is excellent in Pimms). As a gardening amateur, I recommend getting anything labelled "fully hardy", which I take to mean "even if you just fling them around and forget to water them, they will grow."

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